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Among our clients are many quasi-public/private entities – e.g., enterprise governmental agencies (utilities, ports, or federal banks), Public Utility Commission (PUC) regulated companies (utilities, telecommunication companies, etc.), and educational enterprises facing stiff competition.

These entities must apply private sector business strategies and techniques to remain competitive in a government-regulated environment. They realize that they need to be “run like a business” and find the unique knowledge and approach KH brings to projects advantageous.



Los Angeles World Airports (LAX, ONT, VNY, PMD)
McCain Traffic Supply
Metro (Los Angeles)
Orange County Transit Authority (OCTA)
Port Authority of New York-New Jersey (including JFK, LGA, EWR, TEB airports)
Port of Long Beach (California)
Port of Los Angeles
Port of Oakland (including OAK airport)
San Diego Unified Port District
Siller Aviation, Inc.
South Australia Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure (Port)
Southern California Rapid Transit District

Utilities and Energy

Arizona Nuclear Power Project (ANPP) of Arizona Power Company
Edison International (California):

Customer Service Business Unit
Customer Energy Services Division
Health Care Department

Illinois Power Company
Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (DWP)
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Texas Utilities Electric (TU)
The Gas Company/Southern California Gas Company

Health Care

Blood Systems, Inc.
Blue Cross of California
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA)
Consortium of Health Insurance Carriers
Denver Rose Medical Center
Employers’ Health Care Coalition of Los Angeles
Kaiser Permanente
Mayo Clinic Scottsdale (MCS)
National Medical Fellowship (NMF)
National Mental Health Association of Greater Los Angeles (NMHA)
Public Health Foundation Enterprises, Inc.
Queen’s Health Care Plan
Radnet (Medcom)
St. John’s Regional Medical Center (Oxnard, CA)
St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center (Phoenix, AZ)
Tehachapi Valley District Hospital (California)
Washoe Medical Center (Nevada)

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