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A Message From the President

During growth periods, many of our clients retain KH for our strategic planning approach. During hard economic times, they are more concerned about KH’s “right-sizing” and cost reduction services. On the latter engagements, KH clients typically realize cost savings or revenue enhancements between 2 and 10 times the KH project costs within the first two years of implementation.

Regardless of economic conditions, KH is strategic. We think strategically to respond to our clients’ needs – providing the course to address their immediate issues and positioning them to be resilient and poised for growth.

Our name reflects who we are.

“KH” was purposeful. Although KH represents the initials in my last name, KH is not just one person but a team with “Know-How.” Because of our Know-How, KH has been recognized by governance boards and in the media for our innovation.

Management “Consulting” is obvious – that’s what we do. We are first and foremost strategic thinkers for our clients, often tackling problems that are unique or, on the surface, have no apparent solutions. Our clients typically bring us in to consult because of their own:

  • Inability to bring about change from within
  • Time pressures and staff constraints to perform the work effort internally
  • Need for special expertise and tools
  • Desire for a fresh perspective and new ideas
  • Requirement for independence, objectivity, and discretion
  • Interest in “lessons learned” elsewhere

The concept of “Group” was also critical. KH provides multi-disciplinary approaches to client problems. As intelligent as one person might be, most strategic or organizational situations benefit from the analysis and perspectives of different team members. Over the years, KH has provided multi-disciplinary teams of expert consultants that rival much larger firms and can do so at a significantly reduced cost. In many ways, KH was one of the pioneers of strategic alliances and virtual offices. Today, KH has a core team that manages projects and is able to tap into a large network of consultants, building the best team for specific client engagements. This flexibility has kept KH’s overhead costs low and allows us to pass these savings on to our clients. And our group shares such core values of being client focused, collaborative, and socially responsible.

We look forward to setting new courses and using our Know-How to tackle the challenges in the years ahead.

Gayla Kraetsch Hartsough, Ph.D.
KH President


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