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Our Values

Client Focus

KH has a corporate philosophy that emphasizes a strong commitment to our clients. We make every decision with our clients’ needs in mind and treat the information developed during the course of our work confidentially. KH delivers well-grounded, innovative solutions to complex issues – tackling clients’ challenges and being bold for lasting improvements. Our charter is to:

  • Serve our clients in achieving their objectives
  • Offer practical and achievable recommendations
  • Establish a rapport that makes our final recommendations shared conclusions
  • Enable our clients to accomplish specific objectives for reasonable investments of time and money
  • Treat the information developed during the course of our work confidentially
  • Document our findings and recommended actions in well-honed reports that serve as useful references during implementation
  • Assist in implementing the recommendations when requested


  • KH strategically builds project teams to address the various needs of our clients.
  • We collaborate with our clients to develop relevant solutions to complex issues by sharing knowledge and building consensus.
  • We encourage our clients to build strategic partnerships within their organizations and with other organizations to obtain greater resources, results, and reward.
  • By the time our clients receive our formal reports and recommendations, they find few surprises because of our collaborative working style and candid communications with them during the course of the project.

Innovation with Integrity

Our clients benefit from our ability to undertake unique assignments, introduce new management concepts, and adapt approaches proven effective elsewhere. KH consultants focus on the quality of our methods, measurements, consulting principles, recommendations, and outcomes. KH strives for excellence every day in every facet
of our work.

We believe in delivering meaningful results and lasting outcomes. We work closely with management to identify problems and improve performance by applying sound concepts and developing practical recommendations.

Social Responsibility

KH approaches client solutions from a socially responsible perspective. Because much of our work is in the public sector and education, our thinking is rooted into how we can make societal and organizational improvements. While we help business grow, we also integrate socially responsible strategies in those endeavors.

KH supports our local, national, and global community. Our consultants serve on advisory boards with nonprofit organizations and organizations committed to bringing about and sustaining meaningful change.

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